More Brain, Less Mouth: Selling Strategies to Sell More Now

Selling Strategies to Sell More Now

Course Name: Selling Strategies to Sell More Now
Course Key: Bus #1101
Course Summary: Develop your sales strategies to meet the right customers, help make buying decisions faster, and create long-term business relationships
Author: Maura Schreier-Fleming, Best@Selling
Days Remaining to Complete: 365
Price($): $27.00
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Your successful selling is more than talking and listening. It’s developing the strategy to get in front of the right customers the easiest and most effective ways. This thoughtful, strategic approach to your selling will shorten your sales cycle and increase the profitability of your business. You will learn to develop your successful selling strategies in this one-hour (approximate) program.
You will learn to make strategic decisions that help your customers make a buying decision and see you as the preferred supplier. Your strategy work continues as you demonstrate why they should continue to buy from you. This program will guide you to formulate your sales strategies so you get in front of the right customers, help them make buying decisions faster, and create long-term business relationships.
You will learn:

1. How to get customers to quickly understand that you are the preferred supplier.
2. How to identify the customers you can best serve.
3. How to get customers to come to you.
4. How to avoid wasting time on the wrong prospects.
5. How to be perceived as an expert so customers quickly trust you.

Maura Schreier-Fleming is president of Best@Selling ( Since 1997, Maura applies her 25 plus years of award winning sales and business expertise to help sales professionals sell more now and make more money.
Best@Selling projects range from selling script development, sales process implementation and up-selling strategies for companies.

Specific projects include:
• Outsourced sales management
• Sales process improvement
• Sales strategy development
• Sales skill training & development
• Business communication skills
• Sales scripts
• Telephone sales strategies
• Sales call strategies
• Dealing with difficult people at work
• Identifying ideal prospects
• Consultative selling strategies
• Persuasion strategies

Maura Schreier-Fleming is the author of Real-World Selling for Out-of-this-World Results, Monday Morning Sales Tips and writes several business columns including "Customer Connections" for the Dallas, Austin and Houston Business Journals. Maura developed and delivers the Master Selling program for the Small Business Development Center in North Texas. Maura has been quoted in the New York Times, Selling Power and Entrepreneur. She was a sales coach for and wrote their Women in Business blog. Her clients include UPS, Fujitsu, the Houston Texans, Fannie Mae, Conoco and Chevron. She was Mobil Oil’s first female lubrication engineer in the U.S. and sold over $9 million of products her final year with Chevron. Maura has her M. S. from Georgia Institute of Technology and a B.S. from Cornell University. She took two semesters of auto mechanics classes from DeKalb Tech.
Program participants respond enthusiastically to Best@Selling’s programs:

“Your strategies showed us how to distinguish ourselves from our competitors to win more contracts. We can now show our prospects that we’re better than our competitors to figure out the work to be done. We can demonstrate that we’re the people they need to solve their problems.
Your strategy work was instrumental in getting our improved sales results. Your input allowed us to reorient our entire selling approach and it has been much, much more productive.”
-Sentry Network Services, Plano, TX

"Your presentation on Personality Pointers was put immediately to work at UPS. It was valuable training that really got our staff of experienced salespeople thinking. The content was very applicable to our business."?
- UPS,?Dallas, TX

"We especially valued your taking an intangible subject and making it tangible and usable for us (Optimism the Key to Success). Your seminar was a nice shortcut to figure out some important lessons for success!"?
- Travis, Wolff & Company,?Dallas, Texas