Small UAS Airspace Classification and Operating Requirements

Part 107 Small UAS Airspace Classification and Operating Requirements

Course Name: Part 107 Small UAS Airspace Classification and Operating Requirements
Course Key: ATC #0402
Course Summary: Prepares students for FAA Part 107 Airman’s Knowledge Test for remote pilots. Learning objectives include aeronautical charts, Notices to Airmen, airspace, and hazard avoidance.
Author: David Hook, ATP, CFII, AGI
Quiz Attempts Remaining: Unlimited
Days Remaining to Complete: 365
Price($): $17.00
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Pass the FAA’s Commercial Drone Test! Small UAS Airspace Classification and Operating Requirements is the 2nd lesson in the training series to prepare students to take and pass the Part 107 Airman’s Knowledge Test. Intended for aspiring remote pilots-in-command as well as visual observers and UAS owner/operators, this course examines the U.S. National Airspace as it pertains to remote pilots flying small unmanned aircraft systems. Students learn
• aeronautical charts for visual flight and their symbols,
• alphabet airspace and special use airspace,
• regulations as they apply to sUAS airspace and flight operations,
• safety considerations unique to flying small unmanned aircraft,
• and much more.

A companion course to Aeronautical Decision Making for Small UAS Operators, this series of courses focus on the unique operational challenges and safety concerns of remote pilots in the unmanned aircraft industry. Other courses include Part 107 Regulations, Loading and Performance, Weather and Weather Resources, and Aeronautical Decision Making for Small UAS Operators.

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Lesson author Dave Hook is a long time aviator with both military and civilian flight experience. Dave retired from USAF Special Operations Command as an A-team leader and evaluator pilot with over 20 years of service. He is an FAA-licensed flight instructor with over 35 years of flying training experience as well an airline transport pilot with multiple aircraft type ratings and an advanced ground instructor. Dave has flown radio-controlled aircraft for many years and is a member of both the Academy of Model Aeronautics and the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems, International. No stranger to course-ware development and teaching, Dave Hook developed course-ware and taught ground school and flying for both military units and corporate clients. He lives with his wife and sons in San Antonio, Texas.