Sitting as a Healing Tool
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Sitting as a Healing Tool (0.4 CEU’s /4 Contact Hrs)

Course Name: Sitting as a Healing Tool (0.4 CEU’s /4 Contact Hrs)
Course Key: HLX #0012
Course Summary: In this workshop Therapist will learn how to instruct and adapt Sitting exercises and postures for specific treatment goals.
Author: Lisa Ann McCall, PT
Quiz Attempts Remaining: Unlimited
Days Remaining to Complete: 365
Price($): $27.00
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Sitting as a Healing Tool for Hip and Spine Related Pain ( 0.4 CEU’s / 4 Contact Hrs) Health professionals are finding functional movements or “daily “movements one of the factors that directly relates to spine and joint pain, balance issues, and decrease over all wellness for many Americans today. Research shows that humans have an innate “knowing” of how to move without pain but the sedentary lifestyle adopted by many has created new and debilitating limitations to a healthy mobile lifestyle. The McCall Balance Method is equipped with practice tools that can directly shift the patient out of pain and joint breakdown by using the very “problems” such as Sitting to become the healing tool or exercise for the patient. In this workshop the therapist will learn essential elements that can be implemented in a therapy setting on 3 distinct ways of Sitting through participation in lab sessions and practical lifestyle application. Therapist will learn how to instruct and adapt Sitting exercises and postures for specific treatment goals. Appropriate documentation and billing for these Sitting functional exercises will be addressed.

LEARNING OPJECTIVES: Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:
• Discuss the scientific rational of posture and the history of human movement on a global scale.
• To understand the premise of what is natural ideal posture in sitting and its relavince as a healing tool for back and hip pain.
• Discuss the important role that propriocption and relaxation play in healing and preventing postural injuries.
• Introduction to the 3 ways of sitting in Westernized Societies and how they are the foundation to more complex movements.
• Participants will understand how to optimize posture in sitting and minimize pain by differentiating postural positions through various spinal and pelvic positions to increase function in workplace and hobbies.
• Recognize and identify the mechanism of postural injuries in sitting and discuss a protocol for the prevention and treatment of a specific injury using the MBM.
• Practice with video and audio guided resources
• Take and pass at 75% exam to receive certificate

Lisa Ann McCall, Physical Therapist created McCall Body Balance Method, a holistic and scientifically researched approach to alleviating pain and getting fit, in 1995. At its core, Body Balance proclaims correct body movement is the foundation of our health. Body Balance is the process of relearning the most basic and natural components of all movements (i.e., the way we moved as children.) The method begins by breaking down simple, daily movements such as standing, sitting, bending, turning, lying and walking, then reassembling them to produce fluid, painless movement. These movements are the foundation to more complex moves such as a golf swing, swim stroke or running stride. A series of more than 30 exercises and postures, originally detailed in the book “The McCall Body Balance Method, Simple Concepts for Ageless Movement”. McCall has worked with professional and Olympic athletes, physicians, surgeons and athletic trainers, as well as patients suffering from arthritis, joint disease and chronic pain.
Well-versed in a broad range of PT programs, treatments and modalities restoring function and mitigating disability for diseased and injured patients.

0.4 CEU’s (4 contact hours) Type Two: This workshop will teach therapists specific skills for evaluation and treatment intervention with patients or clients.

CE Credit: A certificate of completion for 0.4 CEU’s (4 contact hours) will be awarded after completing the course & successfully earning 75% or better on quiz.

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