Rev Up Your Brain: Age-Stage Life Coaching Strategies
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Rev Up Your Brain (0.4 CEUs /4 Contact Hrs)

Course Name: Rev Up Your Brain (0.4 CEUs /4 Contact Hrs)
Course Key: HLX #0008
Course Summary: This seminar will focus on coaching children, teens and adults; Age-Stage questions will be raised at each developmental level to facilitate growth and authenticity.
Author: Anita Remig, Ed.D., F.P.P.R.
Quiz Attempts Remaining: Unlimited
Days Remaining to Complete: 365
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Rev Up Your Brain: Age-Stage Life Coaching Strategies (0.4 CEUs /4 Contact Hrs) Coaching is a relatively new support profession referred to in a variety of ways such as Life Coaching or Professional Coaching. Models for Coaching are evolving, and various writers and practitioners have begun to elaborate guidelines, strategies and ethics for the understanding and practice of coaching. This seminar will focus on coaching children, teens and adults; Age-Stage questions will be raised at each developmental level to facilitate growth and authenticity. For instance, at each “Age-Stage” participants will examine questions such as, “how did you navigate this period? What were the necessary strategies to interact at school and home?” How did those strategies help you to accomplish goals? What feelings did they generate? What were the outcomes for you? Fundamental aspects of coaching will be discussed, and emphasis will be on coaching to help clients find their unique strengths and power. The relationship between coaching and human development will be examined, with the goal of maximizing life lessons, taking down toxic emotions, dismantling denial, staring back at fear, uncovering simmering anger and balancing power and forgiveness. Coaching exercises are built into the seminar to provide participants with practical skills such as: 1) Trying to hard or working smart? 2) Finished with childhood or still re-living? 3) Reach out to see, feel, sense the future. 4) Chart a miracle day. Decision-making skills, empowerment techniques, listening strategies and consultation methods will be offered. Participants will examine challenging cases and share experiences with difficult problems.

Learning Objectives: Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:
• Define Life Coaching and describe how it has emerged as a powerful tool for personal transformation
• Contrast Life Coaching with Psychotherapy and describe how each process is different
• Elaborate a model of Life Coaching that is relevant for people in various ages-stages of life.
• List the developmental needs and transformations unique to periods of childhood, adolescence and adulthood.
• Associate Life Coaching Strategies with experiences of different ages-stages.
• Learn questioning techniques, listening skills and goal planning strategies for each age group: child, teen and adult.
• List the steps in the GROW Coaching Model.
• Explain why Ages-Stages Coaching is a developmental process.
• Discuss principles and rationales for using Life Coaching with children, teens and adults.
• Find the International Coaching Federation on the internet and read the ethics section.
• Take and pass at 75% exam to receive certificate

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dr. Anita Remig has been a practicing psychologist for 30 years. Her specialty area is working with children, adolescents and families in a variety of modalities. Dr. Remig has spent many years working as a psychotherapist and family therapist and as well, she performs psycho-diagnostic testing with children and adolescents. Recently she obtained a certificate in Professional Life Coaching from the University of New Hampshire and she is using Life Coaching as a model for working with children and adults. Dr. Remig works with children and adolescents with a variety of Developmental Disorders such as autism, ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Bipolar Disorder and Trauma Disorders. She became certified to use Biofeedback as a treatment modality in 2009 and she is presently certified by the Biofeedback Institute of America to perform peripheral and neurofeedback with children and adults. Dr. Remig has a post-doctoral fellowship in Psychopharmacology from the International College of Psychopharmacology (Psychologist Prescribing Register) and she has passed the National Licensing Exams in Psychopharmacology.

CE INFORMATION: 0.4 CEU’s (4 contact hours). Type One: This workshop will teach specific skills for evaluation and treatment intervention with patients or clients