ForeFlight IFR / VFR

ForeFlight 9 + Mastery Training

Course Name: ForeFlight 9 + Mastery Training
Course Key: ATC #0514
Course Summary: >8 hours with a Master Flight Instructor that will take you slowly step by step through everything you need to use ForeFlight safely in-flight!
Author: Gary Reeves, ATP, Master CFI, CFII, MEI
Days Remaining to Complete: 365
Price($): $149.00
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Watch over 8 hours of step-by-step interactive training where you use your iPad along with Master CFI, Gary Reeves. The only training program available to teach you everything with real in flight video, especially for emergencies and IFR flight!

Flight Planning
Emergency Use
And more!

This Series of videos with an expert is a recording of an actual step by step planning of an IFR flight using ForeFlight 9®. Spend over 8 hours with our Master Instructor in the convenience of your own home on your schedule

Learn at your own pace and follow along on your iPad. was founded in 2012 by ATP, Master Instructor, Gary Reeves to reduce general aviation accident by offering free and low-cost educational programs on a national basis. Gary has been joined by two other Master Instructors, John Mahany and Mike Jesch, who also volunteer to teach safety programs. Other volunteers include FAA staff, ATC, Aviation Attorney, Senior Medical Examiner and others who volunteer to answer questions via our ASK THE EXPERTS PAGE. With over 10,000 pilots who have joined our free pilot group, is on it's way to making a difference and saving lives.

Gary Reeves, ATP, Master CFI, CFII, MEI

Gary, our founder, has over 5,500 hours in over 50 different aircraft including turbo-prop, and turbo-fan most of which is instruction given. He is a well known and popular national speaker on aviation safety and you see him live at all of the biggest shows, including Airventure-Oshkosh, Aviation-Xpo, NW Aviation Expo, SunNFun and more. If you'd like him to speak at your aviation event please email him here. He is a sought out instructor with students coming from around the US for help with Instrument Training, Mountain Flying, and Garmin, Fly Q, and ForeFlight instruction. He teaches out of Long Beach, CA (KLGB) and Big Bear, CA(L35).

Master Flight Instructor
2014 Flight Instructor and FAA Safety Team Member of the Year - Long Beach District

Publications and Television:
Air Facts Journal
KNBC Channel 4