Bird Strike Committee USA

Strike, Snarge, and Safety -- Your Guide to Wildlife Strike Reporting

Course Name: Strike, Snarge, and Safety -- Your Guide to Wildlife Strike Reporting
Course Key: ATC #0100
Course Summary: Bird Strikes: How to Collect, Ship Remains, and Have Bird Remains Identified
Author: U.S. Department of Agriculture
Days Remaining to Complete: 365
Open Course
Bird and other wildlife strikes to aircraft annually cause well over $700 million in damage to U.S. civil and military aviation. Furthermore, these strikes put the lives of aircraft crew members and their passengers at risk: over 250 people have been killed worldwide as a result of wildlife strikes since 1988. Within the United States there was no one forum where information or concerns dealing with this problem could be addressed. Bird Strike Committee USA was formed in 1991 to facilitate the exchange of information, promote the collection and analysis of accurate wildlife strike data, promote the development of new technologies for reducing wildlife hazards, promote professionalism in wildlife management programs on airports through training and advocacy of high standards of conduct for airport biologists and bird patrol personnel, and be a liaison to similar organizations in other countries.

Bird Strike Committee USA is a volunteer organization directed by a 10- to 15-person steering committee consisting of 2-3 members each from the Federal Aviation Administration, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Department of Defense,, U.S. Airports, Private Sector Services, Airlines, Aerospace Industry